7 Video Tutorials On The Science Behind The Flow State.

Why we feel at "One" when we perform or sport in the Flow State.

And how this same feeling of being at "One is the same Buddhist monks experience during deep Meditation.

5 Reasons why being in the Flow State is SO Addictive...

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The Instant Flow Quick Guide is a streamlined package for accelerating you into the flow state. 

I will walk you through th​is simple 3 step formula so you will quickly hack flow anytime you want! Plus...

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Blending the Superhuman Code & The Elite Flow. Here I take you through the variation on the Flow 1 workout while connecting; Breathing from the feet, the Pendulum and the Instant Flow to this flow triggering workout. 

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Learn & Experience The 9 Components of Flow with this Powerful Flow State Meditation Course. The 9 Components Meditation. Here we hacking to your past experiences of the 9 Components and use to trigger a Powerful Flow State Meditation.

The Superhuman Code is a blend of ancient techniques and model day knowledge to hack you directly into your subconscious mind creating the by-product called transient Hypofrontality. The Code gives you instant flow meditation plus weapons to guide you into a life in Flow.

The Elite Flow Is designed physically drive your attention into the what researchers call ‘THE DEEP NOW’. This “Deep Now” is a state of present heightened focus that has been known as the Zone, the Pocket. And we know it as “The Flow State”. Research undertaken by the Flow Genome Project has shown that we have “ flow triggers” that drive us into Flow.

Get Personalised guidance towards hacking the flow state. Join a unique elite group of top performers who share the passion to train and life in Flow. Get personalised guidance and training programs for the tailored approach to live in flow.

Below are all the course you get alone with the elite chain & chain membership​

The Flow Chain Membership. The Fastest Foolproof means of Hacking into and staying in the flow state. Connect to a Chain of like minded flow hackers who share the hunger to excel in there skill and in live. Get access to all courses on monthly membership for Flow hackers.

Below are all the course you get alone with the elite chain & chain membership​

Movement Meditation is a course incorporating  practical training towards hacking you into the flow state. Not only do the physical movements hack you into flow, but you have get 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process. Breathing, Meditation, binaural beats and an EEG device called Muse. 

Flow Movement Games, uses  unique training tools to draw your attention into the NOW opening you into the Flow State. These games are used for not only Flow but also to immediately change your state of mind.  And with consistent practise this is an amazing way to get your into Flow

Kali Flow. Using the Filipino Martial Arts to trigger the flow state. 9 Course Videos building a large flow triggering workout. Simultaneously developing a range of cognitive functions which are umbrella under the name Executive Functions.

All Flow Members will get free coaching calls with Wilson. Wilson, will guide you towards tailoring the flow state training towards your own personal requirements.  Wilson will help find your personal obstacles holding you back from hack into the flow state. And then, guide you towards the solution.

Optimal Performance Meditation is designed to unlock your subconscious barriers to flow. Why? Because the term flow, isn't always the right trigger word for some. So I have designed a 10mins tutorial video (which must be watched to fully understand your meditations) and 5 meditations that are designed for a broader audience. Your job is to find the right meditation for you. Find out why, click learn more..

​Triggering the Flow State with this powerful Filipino Martial Arts drill called Sumbrada. We walk you through the 6 steps to form this partner training drill. Once learnt, you will easily trigger flow and open yourself towards hit that sweet spot of this drill. In that sweet spot you will feel yourself dissolving into the action of the movement. You, your partner and the drill will feel at one. Plus when your turn up the speed, you will finish with the flow "after glow" buzz.

The Ancient Taoist Movements have been handed down orally from generations to generations and were practiced in secret by Tao monks in China in their temples on the mountain Huan Shan, in the Shaanxi province.

The Flow Roll Course is designed to physically drive your attention into what researchers call ‘THE DEEP NOW’. This “Deep Now” is a state of present heightened focus that has been known as the Zone, the Pocket. And we know it as “The Flow State”. This Course slow fires the 6 triggers by layering the challenge of the activity.

Flow Triggering Games, are designed like all our Flow Chain training programs, to trigger the Flow State. Here we purposely activate the left and right hemispheres of the brain to trigger your heightened performance state. Flow Number Sequences are trained in different languages while juggling. PLUS coming soon 2 other Flow Triggering Mind games to complement this series for training.

The Schulte Tables was developed originally as a psycho-diagnostic test. (perhaps not the best picture to use in the image above, haha) Data has shown that we improve our attention stability, visual perception, peripheral vision.  Along with that, we use it to hack the Flow State.  We then layer more complex challenges on top, to train our ability to maintain the Flow. 

Flow State Nutrition, utilise Metabolic Typing to find our your personal nutritional requirements. This is assessed via a complex computer program that prioritises and weighs your answers to determine your Metabolic Type®. No lab tests, clinical testing, or questionnaire can do this other than our system.

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Flow Chain Tutorials takes a deeper look into how to hack in and stay in the flow state. How to use the code to train yourself to maintain flow. Understanding the autonomic nervous systems link to flow. And how to work and work with your ANS through heart rate variability.




A new blend of Flow State training each month.

This will be a Flow "workout" routine done on a daily bases. Short and consistent meditations and exercises to really solidify your presence of Flow. The Flow Chain monthly, will change each month, keeping your training fresh and exciting.