TESTIMONIAL  "there are no words literally for the pure value of what you do for us all ...you are awesome "

Get Personally Trained From The World's #1 Flow State Coach.


NOTE: this is a monthly membership plan and its only for serious people looking to access the flow state on command.  Full access for $197/m  79/m

"It’s not every day a world-class athlete knocks on your door and offers to take you under their wing and reveal their secret formula to you. Vision isn’t easy and as a result many people let their opportunity of a lifetime slip through their fingers and live to regret it.

We live in the most fiercely competitive time in history. This is no time to be skating on thin ice or playing around with untested ideas. This is the time to take advantage of every tool you can to get an edge.

If you feel there are weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your game, if you feel anxious every time you’re competing, if you worry you’re not good enough, please act decisively, the urgency is real. The benefits of this program are real and proven.”

Jay Jordan

Coach, Podcast Hosting, Fitness Mavericks, Inc

“Working with Wilson has been great! He actually cares about your growth. For never having met him in person, it’s reassuring to know that I am being coached by someone who’s committed to seeing me thrive. In only a month, I’ve learned so much and feel more present in my life. When challenges arise, I’m beginning to see it all as an opportunity, and am able to flow more easily. I’m confident that the journey ahead will only get better. I’m so happy and grateful I found and invested in this program!”

Belén Pereyra

Professional dancer

"What Wilson is doing is actually revolutionary. It’s something that will change your mind and change your ideas and it will come out in your exercise and your everyday life.”  

Jacob Hiller,

Professional basketball coach, jump specialist, creator of The Jump Manual

The world around us is changing rapidly. 


We are surrounded by distractions 24x7. Social Media, Emails, Instant Messaging, Netflix. 


We have new addictions. And self-control is getting harder and harder. Physical and mental health issues are on the rise. 


Human attention span is at its lowest ever. People are losing the capacity to focus and concentrate. And they are consumed by stress and anxiety.


But at the same time...


We now have access to cutting-edge technology and research about the human mind and body.


Psychology experiments, Brain Scans, EEG, Heart Rate Variability and so much more.

This is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart. 

How? By learning to tap into the powers of the flow state. 

The flow state is almost like an unfair advantage.

Because when you’re in “flow”, your brain releases a combination of neurotransmitters and hormones that take your performance to the next level.  

The “flow state” accelerates the formation of new neural pathways. And puts you in a state of extreme calmness and razor-sharp focus.

As a result, you’re able to perform at your absolute best without being affected by anxiety, fear, or stress


Neuroscientists attribute it to a phenomenon called transient hypofrontality


I’m sure you have experienced it at some point in your life.


You become one with what you’re doing. Your inner critic shuts up. The world drops away. 


Time slows down. You don’t think about your actions. Everything just flows effortlessly.


And when you get out of the flow state, you feel like you just snapped back into reality.


It’s like taking performance-enhancing drugs. But better.


It’s such a powerful experience that once you get a taste of it, you get hooked. Putting in the work feels like fun. 


Not to forget, the flow state is where your creativity is at its peak. (Which, I believe, is the most valuable skill in today’s date)


Now imagine if you could trigger this state of flow whenever you wanted.

You’d leave your competition in the dust.


The ability to access the flow state at will is very rare. 


And as you would expect, it takes years of practice to acquire that ability. 


But by leveraging technology and new scientific methods, you can get there much faster.


Elite athletes, U.S. Navy Seals, and Silicon Valley CEOs are currently using various techniques to trigger flow and perform at their best in high-stakes situations. 


With my training, my aim is to bring these advanced methods to you. (And combine them with ancient eastern methods)


As I mentioned in the video above, one such method that’s central to Flow State training is tracking Heart Rate Variability (HRV).


You’re going to hear this term a lot in the coming years as more and more startups try to build businesses around this method. You’ve gotta be ahead of the curve.


HRV is an advanced biometric that measures the variation in time intervals between consecutive heartbeats.


This little information can give you a lot of insight into both, your body and mind. And it can be easily tracked using your smartphone.


But here’s the thing… Heart Rate Variability is different for everyone. It’s like the fingerprint of your nervous system.


The main challenge is to extract meaningful insights from the raw HRV data… and then develop nuanced and individualized training to accelerate your journey to flow.


You see… when you are in tune with your mind and body, the flow state becomes easily accessible.


Mastering flow is what helped me go from rock bottom to becoming the British MMA champion.


I was fortunate to have teachers who took me under their wing and helped me master the art and science of flow.


I couldn’t have done it without them. 


And so I want to pay it forward by offering the same opportunity to you today. 


The Elite Flow Chain 

Elite Flow Chain is an exclusive coaching program where I work 1-on-1 with students to develop uniquely tailored programs to help them achieve flow at will. 


You’ll get access to me and all of my training programs. 


I’ll personally monitor your progress and biological data through my coaching platform. And help you overcome your mental barriers. 


When you enroll today in the Elite Flow Chain coaching program, you’ll gain instant access to: 


  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • HRV Monitoring (You don’t need to buy a device)
  • Personal Workout & Nutrition Guidance
  • Personal Meditation Plan
  • Neurofeedback Training
  • Creavtivity Training
  • Productivity Training
  • All my programs which include:
  • The Heart of Flow
  • Hack the Flow State
  • Breathing in Flow
  • Master the Superhuman Code
  • The Art of Recovery
  • Taoist Movements
  • Movement Meditations & Flow Triggering Games

…and much more. 


I’m constantly adding more content all the time. My goal is to maintain Elite Flow Chain as the one-stop resource for Flow State training. 


I’ve been teaching flow for over 20 years now and have helped hundreds of students master the art of flow. 


The Elite Flow Chain program is the culmination of all my teachings and experience. 


I usually charge hundreds of dollars for in-person training. But thanks to the internet, I can give you access to all my programs and personal coaching for a fraction of the actual cost. 


However, since I work 1-on-1 with everyone, we can only accommodate a limited number of people inside.


And once we get close to hitting the capacity, I’ll have to increase the membership cost to $197/month.


But for now, The Elite Flow Chain is on offer at just $79/month. And if you get in today, I’ll lock you in at this price. 


The program is backed by my personal 100% moneyback guarantee. If at any point you feel unsatisfied, I’ll issue you a quick no-questions-asked refund. Also goes without saying, you can cancel anytime. 


If you decide to sign up, I look forward to talking to you.



Wilson Meloncelli


"If you are looking for another level of meditation, to benefit your life in any regard, trust me when I tell ya, Wilson is your man."

Jon Anderson,

Professional Wrestler, IFBB professional bodybuilder, Ranked in the top 10 of The World’s Strongest Man

"It’s how I became the course record holder at the oldest golf course in the world."

Chris Abbott,

Scratch golfer and course record Holder at the Old Course

NOTE: this is a monthly membership plan and its only for serious people looking to access the flow state on command.  Full access for $197/m  79/m

"I've take 1.5 secs off my best time. I'm now skiing better than I have done my whole life."

Guiseppe Gaimari,

Giant Slalom competitor

"thank you my friend there are no words literally for the pure value of what you do for us all ...you are awesome "

Joel Craddock

United States

You got questions? I've got the answers

So what is Elite Flow Chain Group?

My unique form of flow state training has been developed from scientific studies, psychology, and ancient and modern techniques to induce the flow state.  The aim is for you to develop a strong familiarity with the state of flow. This is achieved through creating flow experiences through physical and mental training, allowing you to become like a magnet of flow. Elite Flow Chain is the ultimate coaching program towards living a live in flow.


What is the purpose of the Elite Flow Chain practice?

The aim is to get you into a state of flow, and have flow as your new set point. The point where you live and move. This is achieved through creating a daily personalised routine, that I will design specifically for you.  I am 100% dedicated to pointing you towards that destination, so you can align your life to a 300%-500% boost in performance.


Can anyone do this type of training?

Yes, anyone can. However, with the physical meditations, they do need a certain level of fitness. The good news is that once you join, I personally  create your very own flow state program, specifically to your personal requirements.

How long before I notice results?

It depends how consistent you are with the program. These exercises are very strong and a lot of people report an immediate change in state. For athletes, the results can take more time to sink in. We find it takes around four weeks to notice a difference.


How can I record my progress?

We will use the HRV coaching platform to record your progress . However, you will notice a huge difference in your mental and physical clarity within a few days. This freshness, alertness, presence and sense of flow will be your strongest indicator of personal development.


What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you don’t notice a difference, just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to issue you a refund. No questions, no hassles.


Who are you and how did you discover this method hacking the flow state?

I have been teaching flow for over 25 years and accumulated my knowledge through martial arts, where I am an instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, Muay Thai and silat, and I was the British MMA champion in 2001. I also trained and worked as a stuntman for around 10 years. Simultaneously, I worked as a personal trainer, specialising in neuro linguistic programing to help in physical fitness.  With the assistance of my teacher, I began to reverse engineer how I personally accessed the flow state during my career, and created this successful method of hacking the flow state.

How long does it take for me to get the program?

From about 10 seconds to a few minutes. After you purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire  Elite Flow Chain  training program. You can create your login details  and start working on hacking the flow state straight away. Nothing is shipped in the mail, so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfilment process for your program.

60-day money back guarantee

Elite Flow Chain comes with a 60-day money back guarantee on either payment option. You truly have nothing to lose. Don’t wait any longer.

Are my credit card and personal information safe?

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Can I use PayPal to check out?

Yes. You can securely purchase Elite flow chain  using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.


Will I be billed more than once?

Dependents on which payment plan you select. Monthly, yes you will be rebilled. 1 time payment, is one time billed. 

NOTE: this is a monthly membership plan and its only for serious people looking to access the flow state on command.  Full access for $197/m  79/m

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