"Find your balance in an environment that's trying to kick you out of balance"
- C Wilson Meloncelli

“Flow is a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly, leaving the person feeling that something special has just occurred…This is because flow lifts experience from the ordinary to the optimal, and it is in those moments that we feel truly alive and in tune with what we are doing"

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi - Psychology professor

The Ocean, the Boat and the Captain

Once there was a captain that sailed the seas with great wisdom. His name was WILL.

Captain Will had developed and refined a true instinct with his vessel. His deep yet detached understanding of his boat complemented the name he called her. The name he called her was WISDOM.

Over the years as the stories were told, the people began to call the captain and his boat WILL WISDOM.

Captain Will knew WISDOM so well. He could sense through his feet when WISDOM wanted to tell him something.

In return, WISDOM responded instinctively to Captain Will. When the captain could smell a change in the air that told him there was a change in the weather approaching, he responded, as did his vessel.

WILL WISDOM become known as the master of the ocean - down to their unity.

Back then the people spoke of the ocean as having three tempers. These tempers were huge obstacles to the other sailors. But WILL WISDOM always found the path to the destination.

Once Captain Will was asked how he could navigate through all these tempers. His reply was, “I use attention and keep the cloud of confusion at bay.”

The people know of the cloud of confusion well as they all had experienced it themselves. But due to their lack of attention to it, they did not see it approach until they were already in it.

The cloud of confusion would blind and disorientate the other sailors, resulting in poor judgment on their navigation.

This was why the Captain Will and his boat become known as WILL WISDOM.

C Wilson Meloncelli.