"Find your balance in an environment that's trying to kick you out of balance"
- C Wilson Meloncelli

C Wilson Meloncelli's Flow

Is a unique method of training designed to help anyone find their balance in a world that is trying to knock them out of balance. This is achieved with the consistent practise of the Flow State which is sharpened with the Action Movements
“The Flow State is a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly, leaving the person feeling that something special has just occurred…This is because flow lifts experience from the ordinary to the optimal, and it is in those moments that we feel truly alive and in tune with what we are doing"

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi - Psychology professor

"Flow naturally transforms a weakling into a muscleman, a sketcher into an artist, a dancer into a ballerina, a plodder into a sprinter, an ordinary person into someone extraordinary. Everything you do, you do better in FLOW".

Steven Kotler - Author of rise of the supermen.


What does the Flow State feel like?

  • Clear goals that, while challenging, are still attainable.
  • Strong concentration and focused attention.
  • The activity is intrinsically rewarding.
  • Feelings of serenity: a loss of feelings of self-consciousness.
  • Timelessness: a distorted sense of time; feeling so focused on the present that you lose track of time passing.
  • Immediate feedback.
  • Knowing that the task is doable; a balance between skill level and the challenge presented.
  • Feelings of personal control over the situation and the outcome.
  • Complete focus on the activity itself.
  • Where do the Action Movements come from?

  • Martial Arts; Jeet kune Do
  • Filipino Martial Arts
  • Thai Boxing, Kickboxing
  • Silat
  • Brazilian Jujitsu
  • MMA.
  • Stunt Performing skills
  • Gymnastics
  • Trampolining
  • Rock Climbing
  • Gym work
  • Strength & conditioning movements
  • kettle bells
  • Pilates
  • Callanetics
  • functional & natural movements
  • stability & agility exercise
  • Other disciplines: Stunt Fit, Free Running