"We are 100% focused on giving Science & Practical Knowledge, so You Can Learn for Yourself How to Hack the Flow State".

Flow Tutorials

7 Video Tutorials On The Science Behind The Flow State. Why we feel at "One" when we perform or sport in the Flow State. And how this same feeling of being at "One is the same Buddhist monks experience during deep Meditation. 5 Reasons why being in the Flow State is SO Addictive...

Flow Chain Tutorials

Flow Chain Tutorials takes a deeper look into how to hack in and stay in the flow state. How to use the code to train yourself to maintain flow. Understanding the autonomic nervous systems link to flow. And how to work and work with your ANS through heart rate variability.

Instant Flow Quick Guide

The Instant Flow Quick Guide is a streamlined package for accelerating you into the flow state.  I will walk you through th​is simple 3 step formula so you will quickly hack flow anytime you want! Plus...

Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation is a course incorporating practical training towards hacking you into the flow state. Not only do the physical movements hack you into flow, but you have get 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process. Breathing, Meditation, binaural beats and an EEG device called Muse

"It’s the quality of your Intention, the Consistency of your practice and the Attention you give, that will hack you into the Flow State".


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4 Steps to Make A Flow State Workout

4 Steps to Make A Flow State Workout

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a workout into a flow workout. I have created a lot of videos about the science behind the flow state which I highly recommend you check out on my youtube channel, but for now, I'm just going to teach you a little bit about...

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