Do You Feel You're Capable Of MORE?

Discover How a Maverick Martial Arts Champion Cracked The SAME "Super Human Code”
The U.S. Navy Seals And Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Are Using To Unlock Their Limitless Potential

After discovering this hack, I shared it with a small group of clients... In the first session, they were able to INSTANTLY achieve optimal states of performance…

Improve their creativity by 200%

Skyrocket their productivity by 500%

Supercharge their learning speed by 490% 

And explode their problem-solving skills by 430%

Increased Testosterone 

Cure Competition Anxiety

Remove Fatigue

Lose of inner critic 


This might sound too good to be true…

But these are the exact same techniques the US Navy Seals are using to train elite snipers 490% FASTER than just 10 years ago...

And the SAME techniques the world’s top athletes, musicians, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are using to improve their skill, sport, and profession.

But none of this is new…

Buddhist monks have been using this information for THOUSANDS of years.
And the best part is…

Any ordinary guy or girl can use what I’m about to teach you to live up to their own expectations of themselves.

Hi, I’m Wilson Meloncelli,

But that’s not me in the picture.


I’ve never had access to the “fancy” equipment being used by the US NAVY Seals or Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.


Instead, my journey with the “Super Human Code” started on the other side of the world in Scotland.


When I was a kid, my uncle spent his life learning how to hack into higher states of performance, production and enjoyment...

He helped raise me and he had ONE goal. To bring out my inner warrior and be ONE with life…

But at the time I was just a dumb kid and ignored most of what he had to say.

Sure I’d had a taste of what was possible… but it all seemed irrelevant.

Years later, he passed away and took his secrets to the grave with him… and my life took a turn for the worse.

After his death, I was walking around defeated, deflated and lost knowing that I’d missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

I knew there was more I could achieve, more I could do and certainly more I wanted to do.

And I was so pissed that I’d forgotten what my uncle had tried to teach me.

So instead of understanding what I was really capable… I did what everyone else was doing…

Fought harder…. worked longer… dug deeper.

Deep down I hated myself for how inconsistent, lazy or unaccountable I was.

And I HATED how anxious and stressed I was all the time.

No matter how hard I pushed everything just stayed the same and it left me with this heartbreaking feeling that I’d never be good enough.

At one point getting high was the only way I could cope with the regret of missing out and the intense feeling of failure.

So when someone tells me they want to give up on their dreams… I get it.

But they’re going to want to hear my story.

Because as awful as I felt at the time...

All Of This Pain And Suffering Eventually Led Me To Re-Discover The Secret To Achieving Limitless Potential And Transformed My Life

Once I discovered the “Super Human Code”

I finally got to experience what it was like to get more done in less time… easily attract everything I desired into my life… and become the man I was destined to be.

Today I’m Going To Show You How Anyone Like Can Use The Super Human Code To Unlock Their Full Potential

After my uncle died I understood that there was some sort of greater potential inside of each of us…  or what he called the Inner Warrior. 


But I had no idea what he was talking about. 


At the time I was constantly pushing myself to be better.


I was waking up earlier, working harder and trying to find answers and “tweaks” that could make my life better. 


And If I found something that worked it would only last a few hours… or if I was lucky… days. 


But after a life-threatening experience, I discovered the same “Super Human Code” My Uncle had spent his life looking for. 


It helped me get more done in less time… 


Consistently work on my goals (for weeks and months… not just a few days)...


AND finally, feel like I was living up to the expectations I’d set for myself. 


As I started bringing more and more of my dreams to life, growing my business, improving my health and relationships…


Others took interest in what I was doing… 

And today I’m going to share this secret with you so you can achieve YOUR limitless potential.

How many people do you know who’ve reached their full potential and are living the lives they desire? 


Probably not that many… 


Well if you asked those who are falling short of their own expectations… 


They’d probably tell you that it’s because they aren’t hard-working enough…


Or they lack discipline… 


Or don’t have access to the opportunities others have… 


And of course, all of those things are important…


But the REAL problem…


The problem 99% of people who want to do something great face…

Is that if they’re not working with their body’s natural ebb and flow...

They’re going to be out of line with their “PERFORMANCE RHYTHM” - taking them even further away from what they know is possible.

Once you start neglecting your performance rhythm, the chances of ever reaching your full potential drop to almost zero.

And the worst part is… Most people go their whole lives without knowing this exists.

It’s kind of like trying to run a marathon with a ball and chain around your ankle.

You get held back.

But don’t worry, I’m going to share the 

“Super Human Code” 

that allows you to align yourself with your body’s natural PERFORMANCE RHYTHM… so you can discover your full potential.

I used the “Super Human Code” to become the British MMA Champion in 2001… 


Become a bad-ass stunt man…


And Take my business to 7-figures… 


Today I want to show you how you can do the same. 


I’m also going to explain why most people unconsciously dismiss their PERFORMANCE RHYTH and fall short of what’s possible for them. 


Plus, I’ll also share

  • The 4 Phases of the Super Human Code and why this is crucial for your success…
  • The 8 characteristics of the superhuman code - if ONE of these is missing, living the kind of life you want becomes a WHOLE lot harder. 


Remember all of this is possible without:

  • Taking performance-enhancing drugs
  • Turning your garage into a high-performance centre like the Navy Seals
  • Or giving up every waking minute of your time


I only discovered this by mere accident… after a life-threatening experience…


And it’s what triggered my passion and desire to find out what the ordinary guy or girl was capable of… 


I heard my coach yell that across the gym and my heart sank. 


I’d moved to England in the late ’90s to train in martial arts. 


One day My Trainer threw me in the ring with 4 former kickboxing champions… 


Each weighing between 240 - 280lbs… 


Here I was at 168lbs… so not getting hit was definitely my priority


15 rounds later I climbed out of the ring, feeling FULLY ALIVE while the remaining guys walked away physically drained and frustrated.


The moment the first bell rang I was thrust into a powerful mental and physical state of being… 


Time had slowed down, their punches were predictable and it felt like something greater than me had taken over the driver’s seat and was working through me. 


I was at ONE with everything. 


That moment in the ring reminded me of the work my uncle had been so dedicated to his entire life… 


Was this what he was in search of? 


Was this what he meant when he told me there was an “inner warrior” or to be at ONE with life? 


My problem was that I had no idea how to find out more about this powerful state. 


So I went out searching for answers…


I started with my cousins… seeing if they knew anything. 


I was hoping my uncle had left behind any old notebooks, drawings, diagrams. Anything that could give me some insights into what he’d tried to teach me all those years ago. 

“Sorry, Wilson we threw all that stuff out when he passed away…”

My heart sank. 


Had my ignorance and dismissal of my uncle’s work as a child cost me the ability to perform at my very best? 


Would I always feel this anxious, unproductive and lost? 


For a while, I thought there was nothing I could do… I’d exhausted all resources… annoyed my cousins enough…. 


And was left with nothing.


Not a trace. Not a clue. 


And things got pretty dark for me… 


I started drinking and partying more… skipping my workouts… eating crappy food. 


“If I wasn’t going to be the best what was the point of even trying?”


“Someone else is going to beat me…. I should give up” 


“Will I ever be good enough to live the life I want?”


The pain from my uncle’s death just kept haunting me making me wish I wasn’t so ignorant as a child… 


I could have been doing something with my life. 


And just as I was about to give up I got the text:

“Wilson… right before my father passed away he’d been talking about the Navy Seals and Silicon Valley… I’m not sure exactly what… but you might want to start there”

“Finally a bit of hope,” I thought to myself. 


It wasn’t much but at least it gave me some direction. 


Looking in-depth into what was happening on the other side of the word. 


And I started coming across articles like this:

Secret Shared by Google's Founders, Navy SEALs, and Ancient Greeks

How to put you and your business in flow with your true north.


SEALFIT – How To Get Yourself Into A "Flow State"

Could this be what I was looking for? 


Was the higher state of being really the Flow State?


The more I dug into it the more I realised that this was what I was it… 


This was what I’d experienced in the ring that day. 


This is what my uncle had tried to teach me. 


Immediately I started researching as much as I possibly could on the topic. 


Reading books, listening to interviews, diving headfirst into research papers. 


I wanted to understand what was really going on and how these billionaires and Navy Seals were tapping into the flow state? 


But first I needed to understand what the flow state was…

And that’s when I discovered the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the “Father of Flow” and what had really happened to me that day inside the ring… 

When we enter the flow state, we release a powerful combination of 6 neurotransmitters and hormones.

NORADRENALINE: Speeds up heart rate, improves tension, triggers the release of glucose giving you more energy. When your neural efficiency is up, arousal and control of emotion too.

DOPAMINE: Gives you the feeling of engagement in a task, excitement, adventure... and rewards you for it. It dramatically increases your attention, improves pattern recognition and muscle firing times.

ENDORPHINS: This pain-relieving and 'euphoria-generating' neurotransmitters are pretty strong, to say the least. You have 20 different types of endorphins, one of which is called beta-endorphins. 

ANANDAMIDE: The word is taken from the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning bliss, joy or delight. Anandamide lift moods, dilates blood vessels, bronchial tubes (aiding in breathing), inhibits our ability to feel fear and improves our lateral thinking.

OXYTOCIN: The 'love hormone', whose name is derived from the Greek word 'quick birth'. Associated with maternal behaviours and generated between sexual partners. However, recent findings point to a broader scope in humans with oxytocin associated with social bonding, trust and emotional behaviours.  

SEROTONIN: The vast majority of the body's serotonin is found in the gastrointestinal tract. Serotonin affects your mood, social behaviour, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory and sexual desire. 

And additional research shows the Flow State gives you:

Improve their creativity by 200%

Skyrocket their productivity by 500%

Supercharge their learning speed by 490% 

And explode their problem-solving skills by 430%

Sharpen brain function

Increased Testosterone 

Cure Competition Anxiety

Remove Fatigue

Lose of inner critic 

Become fearless


Which all made sense… 


If you take a look at the chemicals that are released during high-intensity sports, training, or peak performance you find the SAME 6!


I knew I was onto something here… I knew I was getting closer to the Superhuman Code my uncle was using to get into the flow state. 


For the first time in a while, it felt like I had meaning and purpose in my life… 


But then I saw something that crushed these dreams of becoming my best self...

“Just to get ONE SEAL ready for combat it costs $500,000 per head and some teams cost up to $85 million”.

I didn’t have that kind of money. 


I couldn’t build myself a “neuro gym” like the seals were... 


I couldn’t connect myself to medical-grade cardiac devices…


Or track my workouts with motion tracking sensors…


I realised that figuring this out was going to cost me a fortune and I’d reached a dead-end… 


All of this time trying to figure out the “SuperHuman Code” my uncle had developed felt like a waste. 


Frustrated and angry that I was so disconnected from the ELITE performers in Silicon Valley and the U.S. NAVY Seals I wanted to give up. 


And eventually, I had to ask myself… 


“Was my uncle just a crazy guy caught up in his own web of nonsense?”


He didn’t have access to this stuff either… 


Yet he swore he could use the Super Human Code to access the Flow State whenever he pleased. 


For a while, I was pissed at him for sending me down this path… making me think I had a chance of becoming great. 


I was just a nobody from Scotland throwing punches in the ring to pay the rent. 


Who the hell was I to think I could do anything with my life, let alone be GREAT. 

Frustrated And Annoyed… I Packed Up The Books And Just As I Was About To Throw Them Away I Saw Something I Couldn’t Ignore…

There it was… sitting on my bookshelf. 

A book my uncle had given me when I was a child. 

I had forgotten all about it until that day and when I opened it up the first chapter mentioned something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. 


The Body’s Natural Ebb and Flow… The Performance Rhythm. 


In all of my research, I didn’t see anyone talking about this.


They were all focused on the life-changing technology being developed for those with the cash to afford it. 


But this… this I could appreciate. 


This looked like the answer for the average man or woman who wanted to unlock their full potential. 


So I started reading through the book, chapter by chapter. 


I was amazed at how much detail it went into on this powerful state of being. 


And what surprised me the most was that this wasn’t anything new…

It had been around for thousands of years!

The Chinese called it “wu wei” meaning effortless action. 


The Japanese called it “mushin no shin” a Zen term for ‘mind of no mind’. 


But a lot of the information inside this book talked about these ancient techniques and the powers it gave certain tribes and communities. 


He talked about how he was using these to become ONE with the task at hand…


The 8 Characteristics of This Powerful State:

CLEAR GOALS: There is great inner clarity and you know what needs to be done.


STRONG CONCENTRATION & FOCUSED ATTENTION: You are completely involved in what you're doing.


LOSS OF SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: A feeling of going beyond your comfort zone. You lose your inner critic, and feel fearlessness, in a place where distractions and anxieties don’t surface.


DISTORTED SENSE OF TIME: You lose track of time and you're completely focused on the present moment. 


IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK: You get an immediate result on how well you're doing.


THE BALANCE BETWEEN SKILL AND CHALLENGE: You know that the activity is feasible, and you have the skills to complete the task successfully and skillfully. 


PERSONAL CONTROL OVER THE SITUATION: There's an essential motivation and whatever produces flow becomes its own reward.


ABSORPTION: You lose your sense of self and all of your worries and concerns drift away. 


But it all seemed too good to be true. 


I thought it was all made up. 


Although he knew a ton about being at ONE with his tasks he didn’t share his secrets for entering these states... He just gave a bunch of information about what was possible… 


So I called him… 


“Is this A.....O ?”


“Yes, why?”


He started to say something else and I cut him off. 


“I just finished reading The Way... please tell me it’s all BS so I can get back to living a normal life” 


He paused for a moment and then told me about how he’d discovered all of this information and used it to transform his life. 


Yet his secret wasn’t any fancy technology… mind-altering substances or anything else… 


It was something totally separate. 

The Ancient Secrets To Working With The Body’s Natural Ebb And Flow

At first, I thought he was lying. Anyone could take a story from some forgotten culture, dress it up and make it seem like the key to a better life… 


But the more I spoke with him the more I saw the connection between what he was talking about… what my uncle had mentioned in the past… and what Silicon Valley and the Navy Seals were searching for. 


Although he didn’t use the same terminology… he was describing the flow state. 


It hit me… If I wanted to access this state on command I wasn’t going to learn it through any of the scientific books that gave me nothing but facts and figures…


I needed to learn first hand from someone who knew the powers and could teach me how to use this information first-hand. 


I was afraid to ask him for help because I was just a stranger who’d called him up out of nowhere but then he said it...

“I’m Going To Be In Rome, this week… if you’re serious about learning more come meet me in 2 days”

An invitation from this master. 


Was I going to commit to learning his secrets or was I going to pass on another opportunity to learn what I was really capable of?


“I’ll Be There,” I said as I hung up the phone. 


The next day I packed my bags, headed to the airport and booked a one-way ticket to Rome. 


There was no going back… no safety net… no backup plan. 


I was either going to learn everything he knew about this state or die trying. 


When I first arrived we met at a small coffee shop to discuss what brought me there. 


I told him about my uncle, the drinking and my experience in the ring that day. 


Then I went on to tell him how I wasn’t sure any of this was possible for me… that only those with expensive resources could access these higher states. 


He sat there calmly, listening to me ramble on for 30-minutes before he cut me off and said. 


“Son, what do you know about your body’s natural ebb and flow?” 


“Nothing” I replied back… “Why?”


“Deep inside everyone, there is a natural rhythm that our bodies follow. 


We all have a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which are like ON and OFF switches for your life”  


He told me that most people ignore what’s going on but if you learn to work with these switches any ordinary person can access the flow state. 


That evening we went back to his… eager to learn more about what he knew I rushed him and asked him what his secret was… 


How was he able to access the flow state without being in a life or death situation… or using fancy equipment? 


He pulled out an old notebook and scribbled something I’d never seen before.

The Natural Rhythm our bodies go through on a daily basis…. The dance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. 


This was his secret. 


The Performance Rhythm

“Once you learn how to harness this rhythm nothing can stop you”

I looked at him in shock… was this all that I needed to do?


Tap into this natural rhythm and I’d unlock my full potential? 


I was sceptical.


It seemed too simple. Why would the Navy Seals and Silicon valley entrepreneurs be spending billions of dollars on a silly graph? 


But that’s when he stopped me and told me that the issue most people have is that they don’t understand how their current wiring prevents them from accessing this state. 


That they’re so disconnected from the Performance Rhythm and understanding this graph is meaningless. They can’t just wake up and decide to follow the beat of its drum. 


First, they must learn the powerful secrets and harness The SuperHuman Code to connect to the Performance Rhythm and become ONE with any task. 

That’s how ANYONE can unlock their limitless potential…

As we continued talking about the Performance Rhythm he started sharing more of his findings… 


Until eventually he began teaching me what I’d come all this way to learn...

How To Tap Into The Performance Rhythm, The 4 Stages Of The:


Struggle: Spinning your tires trying to get started on a task, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed (this is where most people give up). Your brain is flooded with cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) and everything feels impossible.

Release: Letting go of the thing you’re struggling to achieve. Your brain is flooded with nitric oxide that kills the stress hormones. You begin to feel a deep sense of satisfaction wash over you… 

Flow: You become one with the task at hand, are able to perform at your very best without self-doubt or fear of failure. Your brain is flooded with a cocktail of neurotransmitters and you’re in the zone. 

Recovery: If you ignore recovery you may never be able to enter the flow phase again. Flow without proper recovery could mean injury or burnout.

Using one of these stages without the others is going to take you even further from where you want to go… further from your full potential. 


And this 4 stage cycle repeats over and over again…. Whether you know it or not. 


As you learn to work with your Performance Rhythm and Unlock the Super Human Code Written inside you... you can become a

A Master Of Flow…

After that first night, I ended up working with the A.....O  for 11 years before he passed away. 


And his teachings were everything I need to start living the life I wanted to live.


I used the Super Human Code and the Flow State to become the British MMA Champion…


A professional stunt man… 


And start the business that’s given me the life I live today. 


Had I not gone all-in on this information… who knows where I could have ended up… 


Sadly my master passed away at the end of those 11 years… 


But because of the work we did together during that time… I made it my mission to:

Help The Average Guy Or Girl Tap Into Their Full Potential So They Can Improve Their Skill, Sport Or Profession!

At first, I started renting out a small studio… 


Only teaching those interested in unlocking their full potential, discover the “Super Human Code”  and access Flow States. 


And the success these students were experiencing was life-changing. 


Regardless of their age, upbringing, background, IQ or anything else…  students from all walks of life were able to experience the benefits of the flow state. 


And in a second I’ll show you how you can work with me...


But first, let me share a couple of stories from the clients I’ve worked with. 


Here’s Mike:

"I have added a few short exercises and cut my training time nearly in HALF. I never would have believed the improvements. I am more rested more focused and have eliminated the overtraining injuries".

Mike Christopherson Business Owner - Polo Player

Then There’s Jay:

“It’s not every day a world-class athlete knocks on your door and offers to take you under their wing and reveal their secret formula to you. Vision isn’t easy and as a result, many people let their opportunity of a lifetime slip through their fingers and live to regret it. We live in the most fiercely competitive time in history. This is no time to be skating on thin ice or playing around with untested ideas. This is the time to take advantage of every tool you can to get an edge. If you feel there are weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your game, if you feel anxious every time you’re competing, if you worry you’re not good enough, please act decisively, the urgency is real. The benefits of this program are real and proven.”

Jay Jordan Coach, Podcast Host, Author, Fitness Mavericks Inc

As the word got out about the work I was doing I had more and more people reaching out asking me to reveal my secrets. 


And as much I wanted to help EVERYONE who felt like they were missing out on their full potential… It just wasn’t physically possible. 


I didn’t have the time or space to accommodate. 


But I wasn’t going to let that stop me… I knew that I needed to get this information into the hands of anyone who feels like there is MORE for them to achieve in order to honor my uncle and my Italian mentor.


I needed a way to ensure this life-changing information lived on forever…. Long after I passed away. 


I wasn’t going to let this die with me as my uncle had. 


That’s why I’ve decided to help EVERYONE get their hands on this information at a price ANYONE can afford. 


So now I’d like to introduce:


Hack The Flow State, the strategies you can use to discover the “Super Human Code” tap into their “Performance Rhythm” and live a life in the Flow State. 


I’ve taken the ancient wisdom I’ve learned over the years and combined it with cutting edge science and research to create this 4 Part course…


Each training has been designed to help you discover EXACTLY what to do in each of the FOUR stages of Flow. 


And they’re all included in Hack The Flow State.

Training 1 STRUGGLE: Heart Of Flow

Learn the secrets to overcoming the flood of stress that comes when starting a new task by working with your heart. This is the key to overcoming any challenge and becoming at ONE with the task at hand…


In this module you’ll discover: 


  • How to track, monitor and work with your HRV (heart rate variability). This lesson is PURE GOLD for every single person. AND once you learn it, you should teach it to your friends and family.

  • 7 powerful techniques to stimulate your vagus nerve, which in turn accelerates your health and performance.
  •  8 Powerful meditations designed to help “massage” the heart back to optimal health… Try these and watch how much more relaxed you become… 

  • How to OVERCOME stress using allostasis & homeostasis live in “GROWTH BASED HARMONY”


  • A simple trick to boost your physical abilities by 300% without tiring yourself or risking injury…

Training 2 RELEASE: Breathing In Flow

Drop the inner resistance using the power of the breath and watch how relaxed and effortless things become for you. While most people are stuck struggling to get more done you’ll be fully relaxed. 


In this module you’ll discover: 


  • The #1 breathing mistake that 99% of people do… STOP doing this if you want to boost performance and get healthy.

  • How you can lose weight without changing your current diet plan… only adding this one simple exercise performed every day.
  •  Learn the full power of nitric oxide and how to correct nasal breathing will skyrocket your performance in training and in the bedroom.


  • Learn a simple technique without the need for equipment to get a sense of your blood oxygen saturation levels. You can use this technique to monitor your progress in your breathing training.


  • A 5-minute ancient breathing technique that will change your performance, improve your health and give you the extra to cure illness.

Training 3 FLOW: The Superhuman Code

This is where the rubber meets the road and you become totally at ONE with the task at hand. Your inner critic shuts up and time slows down. This is where you get ALL of the benefits of the Flow State and start feeling AMAZING. 

In this module you’ll discover: 

  • The Secret Technique US Navy Seals use to train elite snipers 490% faster. (if they’d tried this 10 years ago they would have been laughed out of the room… now it’s MANDATORY)

  • The long-forgotten technique ancient civilizations have used for centuries to take full control of the subconscious mind to spark creativity, learning and productivity on DEMAND.
  • The incredible physical routine necessary for blasting you into the flow state and keeping you there…. (try this and you’ll be astonished by just how long you’re able to stay in flow) 


  • When it feels like nothing is going your way, take control of these overlooked neural networks to instantly change your state, boost confidence and perform at your very best.
  • The 7 cutting edge “Flow Weapons” every high performer can use to stay razor-sharp and extremely focused (if you feel yourself getting distracted use these to instantly regain focus)

Training 4 RECOVERY: The Flow Of Productivity

This module teaches you everything you need to know about turning the flow state into the guiding principle for your life. If you try to work with the flow state WITHOUT understanding this important principle… you could lose the ability to access the flow state forever. 


In this module you’ll discover: 


  • The ONE simple morning technique for waking up the body and mind that perfectly stimulates your nervous system and sparks creativity, learning and focus for the entire day!


  • How using forgotten psychological tactics can help you create the PERFECT nighttime routine no matter your sleep type… If you’re NOT a morning person you MUST DO THIS if you want to free yourself from low energy!

  • The 3-step “primal” formula for turning your mind into a blank canvas ready to be painted with your creativity!


  • Want to know the easiest way to tune out even the most OBNOXIOUS distractions? Implement this no-nonsense strategy today and your phone will become irrelevant to you.

  • How to use your limited willpower to your advantage… Using willpower any other way is setting yourself up for disappointment… 

Had I not discovered the Super Human Code  I wouldn’t be the man I am today or have accomplished any of the things I wanted in life. 


I would hate for you to miss out on this life-changing information...


Because there’s nothing scarier than watching month after month go by and having nothing to show for it…


Waking up each day and not being switched on enough to make things happen… 


Or having to fight your way through the exhaustion, anxiety and fear that are keeping you from living an amazing life and reaching your full potential. 


But it doesn’t have to be like this…


With the information inside the Hack The Flow State program, you can discover what you’re really capable of… 


Imagine having your coworkers, friends and strangers jealous of how much you’re able to achieve without sacrificing your free time or killing yourself with work. 


Imagine going to bed at night knowing that you’re one step closer to living the life you want…


And imagine waking up day after day effortlessly crushing it in your skill, sport or profession. 


That’s what’s possible when you understand this material. 


And for a limited time only I’d like to invite you to access the flow state information for a fraction of what you’d normally pay. 


Instead of charging you the thousands of dollars, my private clients pay to learn this information… 

Or even the $358 It would cost to get each of the 4 Flow Modules On Their Own…

RIGHT NOW YOU CAN GRAB HACK THE FLOW STATE FOR ONLY $27… And Save $339 When You Click the Button below

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow


Bonus #1 

The Science of Flow

Discover the science behind why we feel at “One” while in the flow. This is the same “Oneness” budhist monks experience while in deep meditation. This 7-part video series will teach you what makes being flow so addictive.

Inside you’ll discover: 

What science, neuroscience and psychology have to say about the flow. 

How EXACTLY your brain mixes  that hormonal cocktail called Flow

Why Your heart rate variability is directly related to your ability to access flow

How to tap into the deepest parts of our brains to transcend into the flow

Bonus #2 

The Path To Flow 

Take a deeper look at how to hack into and stay in the flow. This bonus will show you how to crack the code to maintain the flow. Understanding the autonomic nervous system’s link to flow and how to work with your ANS through heart rate variability! This 4- part video series will teach you how to enter flow and drop your resistance along the way… 

Inside you’ll discover: 

How to overcome your deepest darkest fears and enter the flow… without anxiety

Why your energy determines what you attract in lifeGOOD and BAD

Breaking down the 4 stages of flow… What each stage means for you. 

Training and Priming The Flow State

Bonus #3 

Instant Flow Meditation  

This streamlined package will help you accelerate into the flow. I walk you through the 3-step formula so you will quickly hack into flow anytime you want! There’s no better way to access the flow on command… 

Inside you’ll discover:

Use this 3 step formula to instantly enter flow...

Implement a primal breathing technique into your life so you can achieve balance in all aspects of life

Transform your self from stressed and on edge into the flow with one simple meditation.

Bonus #4 

Movement Meditation  

This course incorporates practical training towards hacking into the flow giving your physical movements that can hack you into flow. PLUS 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process. 

Inside you’ll discover: 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu secrets for entering the flow 

The powerful movement meditation technique to change the direction of flow 

Secret behind of binaural beats and how to use them to control your brainwaves 

Setting life changing intentions and making continuous improvement in flow


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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow

Here’s What Others Had To Say About Hack The Flow State

"All the principles of FLOW are just fantastic for me because if I go out and I'm a little bit tight or a little bit sore from a previous workout, then I can re-align myself. I can work on my breath, work on my posture and that gets me into a great state ready to enhance my workout. For me, the whole method behind FLOW is just outstanding”

Craig Ali - Coach - Adventure Athlete Coach,

"Wilson's diverse training background and wealth of accumulated knowledge, is what makes this a cut above most."

Joette - Life Coach

"The highly trained pro-level athletes I deal with are constantly battling the law of diminishing returns to shave off a few milliseconds here or a quarter-inch there. We use Wilson's method to maximize mental function and see consistent even drastic improvements in performance. We see the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, improving the immune system and lowering stress, which is directly improving energy, hormones and even gut function… I’ve never seen anything like this in the lab.”

Stephen Duncan - Coach, Nutrition & Lab Testing Specialist, Balanced fitness UK

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow

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You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got the Answers

So what is Hack the Flow State training?

Wilson’s unique form of flow state training has been developed from scientific studies, psychology, and ancient and modern techniques to induce the flow state.  The aim is for you to develop a strong familiarity with the state of flow. This is achieved through creating flow experiences through physical and mental training, allowing you to become like a magnet of flow.

What is the purpose of the Hack the Flow State practice?

The aim is to get you into a state of flow, and have flow as your new set point. The point where you live and move. This is achieved through a creating a daily routine from as little as 5 minutes a day to begin with.

I am 100% dedicated to pointing you towards that destination, so you can align your life to a 300%-500% boost in performance.

Can anyone do the meditations inside hack the flow state?


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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow

How long before I notice results?

It depends how consistent you are with the program. These exercises are very strong and a lot of people report an immediate change in state. For athletes, the results can take more time to sink in. We find it takes around four weeks to notice a difference.

How can I record my progress?

You will notice a huge difference in your mental and physical clarity within a few days. This freshness, alertness, presence and sense of flow will be your strongest indicator of personal development.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you don’t notice a difference, just send me an email and I’ll be more than happy to issue you a refund. No questions, no hassles.


Who are you and how did you discover this method hacking the flow state?

I have been teaching flow for over 25 years and accumulated my knowledge through martial arts, where I am an instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino martial arts, Muay Thai and silat, and I was the British MMA champion in 2001. I also trained and worked as a stuntman for around 10 years. Simultaneously, I worked as a personal trainer, specialising in neuro linguistic programing to help in physical fitness.  With the assistance of my teacher, I began to reverse engineer how I personally accessed the flow state during my career, and created this successful method of hacking the flow state.

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow

How long does it take for me to get the program?

From about 10 seconds to a few minutes. After you purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire  Hack the Flow State training program. You can download it to your computer and start working on hacking the flow state straight away. Nothing is shipped in the mail, so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfilment process for your program. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which is a bonus point for you


Are my credit card and personal information safe?

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Who is Clickbank?

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Can I use PayPal to check out?

Yes. You can securely purchase Hack The Flow State using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Will I be billed more than once?

No. Hack the Flow State training is a one-time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow


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