Forge a Stronger You: Elevate Your Performance and Emotional Resilience with HRV Nutrition

This Simple 60-Second Scientifically Backed Test is Helping Men & Women Around the World Easily Shed Pounds while Reducing Panic.

Cultivate an Effortless Ability to Access the Flow State by Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm All from the Comfort of Your Own Home…

This Adaptable Way of Eating is Making Consistency Easy.

Sounds too good to be true?

Let me explain how learning to work with your nervous system will transform your waistline, health, and performance for good.

What if the food you're eating isn't just causing weight gain but is also making you anxious?

It's no surprise that emotions like stress, anxiety, and fear can slow progress by acting like lead weights around your waist

But did you know that the so-called “healthy foods” or your “healthy diet” are most probably the root cause?

Well, this simple 60-second Scientifically Backed Test taken daily will act like a custom blueprint on what exactly you need to eat on a daily basis to tap into:

300% - 500% Boost in your skill, sport or profession

Solve Weight Gain Issues

Cure Competition Anxiety

Remove Fatigue

Remove Fatigue

Dramatically Improved  Sleep

Accelerate Recovery Time

Sharpen Brain Function


Crazy, right?

Well, in this short article, I will explain it all as simply and streamlined as possible.



Let me Very Quick Introduce Myself: Wilson Meloncelli, a world-recognized Flow State Coach

Former professional stunt performer, published author, and former British Champion in Mixed Martial Arts.

My life's mission has been to master the intricacies of the Flow State and I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to help you unlock this powerful, transformative state of mind.


My journey as a nutritional expert specializing in the Flow State is the result of countless hours of study, rigorous training, and personal experimentation for over 25 years now.

Okay, let's begin


At-Home 60-Second Daily Test

Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a key physiological marker that has long been a cornerstone strategy used by elite athletes to meticulously monitor recovery needs and optimize performance.

Within the medical community, HRV serves as an invaluable tool, offering profound insights into a patient's health, providing predictive markers for longevity, and enabling a deeper understanding of an individual's physiological status.

HRV is the measurement of the variation in time between each heartbeat.

Contrary to popular belief, a healthy heart doesn't beat evenly like a metronome; it has slight variability between beats.

HRV is literally a direct line to your nervous system.

The greater the variability in the beats, the higher the HRV.

And the higher the HRV, the more you will tap into these benefits:

Stress Resilience

Cardiovascular Health

Fitness Level

Mood Regulation

Cognitive Performance

Great Ability to Access The Flow State

Sleep Quality

Respiratory Health

Digestive Health


Appetite Regulation

Metabolic Efficiency

It's Personal

Now, everyone's HRV is slightly different. The important first step is for us to find your baseline, which is like your personal HRV…

Then we need to feed your nervous system with WHAT IT NEEDS, not what you might think it needs, like a standard 'healthy diet.'

And the cool thing is that, just like your nervous system, there are ebbs and flows.

So, your nutrition MUST adapt to your nervous system. If not, you will fall off the wagon again.

We will speak more on this shortly

How Does Food Affect HRV?

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tells us about the balance between two systems in our body. Think of one system (Sympathetic Nervous System) as the 'action mode' – it gets us ready for things like running or dealing with stress.

The other system (Parasympathetic Nervous System) is like the 'relax mode,' helping us calm down and recover. When we're in action mode, our heart beats faster and more regularly.

But when we're in relax mode, our heart beats more slowly and varies more in between beats.

Now, here's the kicker, the thing that really caused frustration for me for years!

Most 'healthy diets' can decrease HRV by overstimulating the Sympathetic nervous system.

So when you think you're eating healthy and helping your body and mind recover and repair, you're actually NOT.

Now, imagine a stressful day at work or a day on the phone with your broadband provider…

This is creating a day dominated by the fight, flight, or freeze response (Sympathetic nervous system), better known as the stress response.

You then sit down to eat your meals, thinking of resting and repairing… but guess what? You're not… Your food creates a stress response in your metabolism.

Now, this constant aggravation in your nervous system starts to not only add extra weight around your waist but also weighs on your emotions

Eating for Your Nervous System Keeps You Consistent.


Whether you're focused on performance, health, weight loss, or emotional regulation, consistency in nutrition is key.

Too many start off with great intentions, keeping strict on nutrition and exercise, and then around the 2-3 week mark, something happens, something comes up, and it's back to the drawing board.

This DOES NOT happen when you eat according to your nervous system's requirements.
You know what to eat with the assistance of your HRV baseline.

Low HRV… you eat XXXX
High HRV… you eat XXXX
At baseline, you eat XXXX

It is this that allows you not to even need willpower or discipline.

Your only requirement is to listen and then feed what your nervous system needs.

How Does Ignoring Your Your Nervous System Impact Weight Gain?

Ignoring your nervous system's needs can significantly influence weight gain due to interconnected mechanisms. For example: 

Stress and Cortisol: A compromised nervous system often indicates high stress levels and an overactive 'fight or flight' response. This chronic stress can lead to elevated cortisol levels, promoting weight gain, particularly around the abdomen, and increasing cravings for high-calorie comfort foods.

Appetite Dysregulation: An imbalanced nervous system disrupts appetite-regulating hormones, leading to increased hunger, cravings for unhealthy foods, and reduced awareness of feeling full, resulting in overeating and weight gain.

Poor Sleep Quality: An impaired nervous system is associated with poor sleep, which can disrupt the regulation of hunger and satiety hormones, leading to increased consumption of calorie-dense foods.

Reduced Physical Activity: An underfunctioning nervous system may indicate reduced readiness for physical activity, reducing motivation for exercise and promoting a sedentary lifestyle.

Metabolic Dysfunction: An affected nervous system can correlate with inefficient metabolic processes, potentially leading to weight gain due to less effective calorie burning.

Mood and Emotional Eating: A compromised nervous system is linked to mood disturbances, such as anxiety and depression, often leading to emotional eating of calorie-dense comfort foods.

Cardiovascular Health: The state of your nervous system reflects poor cardiovascular health, limiting physical activity and contributing to weight gain.

Energy Usage: An imbalanced nervous system impairs the body's energy efficiency and calorie-burning rate. It struggles to adapt to changing energy needs, potentially leading to weight gain.

Insulin Sensitivity: An affected nervous system is linked to reduced insulin sensitivity, causing elevated blood sugar levels and fat storage, particularly around the abdomen.

Inflammation: An imbalanced nervous system often correlates with higher inflammation levels, disrupting metabolism, insulin function, and promoting insulin resistance, potentially contributing to weight gain.

Hormonal Imbalance: An affected nervous system disrupts hormonal balance, including appetite regulation, energy use, and fat storage, disrupting weight maintenance.

Physical Activity: An impaired nervous system may result in fatigue, reduced physical endurance, and lower motivation for exercise, potentially causing weight gain by reducing calorie burn


The Gas Pedal Of Emotions

Your sympathetic nervous system is much like putting your foot down on the gas pedal of your car. Coming off the gas is like your parasympathetic nervous system being activated.

Repetition of pressing down on the gas pedal causes havoc in your autonomic nervous system.
You see, your autonomic nervous system is interconnected with your limbic system.

The Limbic System, our "emotional brain," includes parts like the amygdala, hippocampus, and hypothalamus.

It plays a pivotal role in emotional regulation, memory, and motivation.

In simple terms:

Excessive 'gas pedal' pressing results in:

Impaired emotional regulation

Poor memory

Lack of motivation


😔 Poor Social Behavior: Affects social interactions and emotional responses in social contexts.

😔 Poor Reward and Pleasure: Hampers the brain's reward system, impacting motivation.

😔 Poor Learning: Hinders the association of experiences with emotions, affecting learning.

😔 Poor Survival Instincts: Disrupts the link between survival activities, rewards, and emotional responses.

😔 Poor Fear Perception and Response: Impairs the ability to detect and respond to threats.

😔 Poor Attachment: Affects the formation of emotional bonds through positive associations.

😔 Poor Sexual Behavior: Influences sexual arousal and pleasure.

😔 Poor Decision Making: Impacts choices by linking emotions to memories.

😔 Poor Regulation of Autonomic and Endocrine Function: Affects bodily functions in response to emotional states.

😔 Poor Pain Perception: Alters the emotional experience of pain."

The Flow State

Coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1975, the flow state is characterized by complete absorption in a task...

leading to a loss of awareness of time and space.

It's akin to being 'in the zone,' where peak performance and focused effort make everything seem effortless.

Prof Csikszentmihalyi outlined 9 elements for achieving flow:

Clear goals for each stage.

Immediate feedback.

Balanced challenge and skill.

Sense of control and no fear of failure.

Intense concentration.

Merging of action and awareness.

Reduced self-consciousness.

Altered time perception.

Autotelic nature (finding satisfaction in the activity itself).

Among these elements, let's focus on 'balanced challenge and skill,' also known as the skill-challenge ratio.
Flow occurs when the challenge matches one's skill level perfectly, leading to deep engagement and immersion.

Too high a challenge leads to anxiety, while too low results in boredom.

This balance is closely connected to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, with anxiety, overwhelm, and fear linked to the sympathetic system.

Your best performance and well-being are directly influenced by the food you eat, affecting your nervous system.

What Renowned Men & Women Say About The  Flow State


 "In business, when you're in the flow, you're making decisions with ease, and everything just seems to click. It's a state of peak productivity and creativity."

- Elon Musk

 "When you're in the flow, it's like the game slows down. You see things before they happen, and you react almost instinctively. It's like being in a different dimension.

- Tom Brady

 "It's like everything else falls away. You become one with the track, the bike, and the moment. It's pure, absolute focus. It's almost like time slows down.

- Sir Chris Hoy 

 "In the flow state, work doesn't feel like work. It's a state of effortless productivity and deep satisfaction, and it's where I do my best work."

Sheryl Sandberg

 "Flow is a state of pure focus and productivity. It's when I'm completely present in the moment and can tackle any business task with confidence."

Indra Nooyi

"Flow is where innovation happens. It's the sweet spot where you're fully engaged, ideas flow effortlessly, and you're solving complex problems with clarity."

- Jeff Bezos

I've been Asked Over And Over Again  To Release This Revolutionary Program, and From Today… I have: 


Food For Flow:

Transform Your Mood, Motivation and Enter The Flow With HRV Based Nutrition.

You'll gain more than knowledge; you'll gain a new perspective on how the food you consume can directly impact your quality of life.

You'll learn to see nutrition not just as fuel, but as a powerful tool to shape your health, happiness, and performance.

By understanding and harnessing the HRV-nutrition connection, you're not just embarking on a journey of personal health and wellness; you're unlocking a powerful pathway towards achieving your best self.

Instead, it delves into the scientific rationale behind various dietary patterns, helping you understand why certain foods can impact your mood, stress levels, and cognitive performance.

Whether you're curious about the potential cognitive benefits of a low-carb diet, the mood-enhancing effects of a ketogenic diet, or the wellness attributes associated with a carnivore diet, this course illuminates the impact of each on your emotional and cognitive health.

Our ultimate aim is to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of how your daily dietary choices can elevate your mental well-being, combat stress, and unleash your performance potential.

The content is designed to be applicable and transformative, whether you're a high-performance athlete seeking a competitive edge, a busy professional striving for improved mental clarity, or someone simply looking for ways to enhance their day-to-day mood and well-being.

"I was in a constant battle with stress and it was severely impacting my health and well-being. Wilson's HRV-based nutrition program taught me that the solution to my problems was right in front of me, on my plate. By learning how to adapt my diet based on my HRV, I've managed to get my stress levels under control and revitalized my health. I've never felt better!"  - Chloe (55) Health Revitalized

"I've always been a high achiever, but I felt like I was hitting a wall. Stress was getting the better of me and despite sleeping for adequate hours, I was always tired. This is when I stumbled upon Wilson's program and it has been a game-changer! The program taught me how to use HRV to guide my nutritional choices and how my diet impacts my nervous system, mood, and energy levels. I've made changes to my diet based on the insights I got from this course, and the results are phenomenal. I'm sleeping better, feeling less stressed, and my productivity has skyrocketed. I cannot recommend this program enough!"

- Raj (41) Productivity Unleashed

"Before I discovered this program, I was a healthy sceptic. I'd heard of HRV, but I couldn't understand how it could guide my nutritional choices. Wilson's course was a revelation! It felt like I discovered a new way to communicate with my body. Understanding the impact of my diet on my HRV and subsequently my mood, energy, and performance has been invaluable. I can confidently say that I've never felt more in tune with my body." -

Mike (32) Unveiling the Body's Secret Language

"As a corporate executive, stress and burnout were part of my daily life. Wilson's program offered me a way out. Learning about the flow state, and how nutrition can help achieve it, was an eye-opening experience. By making simple but effective changes to my diet, I've not only reduced my stress levels but I'm also consistently tapping into the flow state, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction at work. This program has been a breakthrough for me." - 

Liam (38) Journey to the Flow State

"Being a part of this program was like waking up to a new reality. As someone who frequently struggled with bouts of anxiety, understanding the link between my diet, HRV and mood has been transformative. Under Wilson's expert guidance, I learned how to fine-tune my nutrition based on my body's needs. Now, I feel more empowered, more in control, and more energized than ever before." - 

Emma (27) Empowered and Energized

Navigating the Course Features: Your Route to Nutritional Mastery and Flow State

Adaptable Diet Plan:

At the heart of our program is the belief that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to nutrition. Instead, we help you tailor your nutrition based on your unique HRV readings. This strategy enables you to optimize your diet for not only better physical health, but also enhanced mood and performance, resulting in a truly personalized wellness approach.

Comprehensive Nutritional Knowledge: 

The course provides an in-depth understanding of macronutrients, their crucial roles, and their impact on your mood and overall health. You'll gain the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your diet, understanding the why behind the choices you make, rather than blindly following dietary rules.

Understanding Special Diets: 

Delve into the nitty-gritty of trending diets like the low-carb, ketogenic, and carnivore diets. Learn about their potential benefits, and also, importantly, their potential side effects. We provide you with balanced information, enabling you to understand if these diets could be beneficial for your personal health journey.

Link Between Diet and Sympathetic Nervous System: 

Explore the fascinating interface between nutrition and the sympathetic nervous system - the part of your body that triggers the 'fight or flight' response. Understand how different dietary choices can either ramp up or dial down this response, thereby influencing your levels of anxiety and stress.

Achieving the Flow State: 

We'll illuminate the connection between optimal diet, a high HRV, and the achievement of the 'flow' state - that sweet spot of effortless concentration and enjoyment. Discover how specific dietary changes can lead you towards constantly tapping into this coveted state, enhancing not just your productivity, but also your overall life satisfaction.

Practical Guidance & Case Studies: 

Our program offers an abundance of real-life case studies and practical sessions on HRV tracking and interpretation. This hands-on approach ensures you won't just understand the theory but also be able to effectively apply it in your life.

Improved Mental Health:

Learn how to utilize diet as a powerful tool for managing mood disorders and enhancing mental health. By understanding the connection between what you eat and how you feel, you'll be empowered to make dietary decisions that can significantly improve your mood and overall mental wellbeing.

HRV-Based Nutrition:

The Flow to Enhanced Mood and Optimal Performance" is more than just a course. It's a comprehensive, personalized pathway to a better understanding of your body, improved mental health, and a level of performance you may have thought was out of reach. Let us guide you on your journey to achieving optimal health and happiness through the transformative power of nutrition.

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Mastering The Fast:  A Journey Through Intermittent and Extended Fasting

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

Comprehensive Guide:

Whether you're a beginner or have dabbled in fasting before, this book offers a deep dive into both the science and the art of fasting. Navigate the world of intermittent and extended fasting with confidence and clarity.

Expert Insights:

Drawing from the latest research and expert opinions, "Mastering the Fast" demystifies the complex world of fasting, breaking it down into actionable steps.

Holistic Approach:

Beyond just the physical benefits, explore the mental, emotional, and even spiritual facets of fasting. Discover how fasting can be a transformative journey, not just a dietary regimen.

Practical Tips & Tricks:

From preparing for a fast, managing potential side effects, to breaking a fast safely, get hands-on advice to make your fasting journey smooth and effective.


Beyond The Fat Myth: A New Era of Nutritional Understanding

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

Demystify Dietary Fats:

Navigate the complex world of fats with clarity, and discover why they are an essential part of a balanced diet.

Evidence-Based Insights:

Dive deep into the latest research, debunking long-held myths and unveiling the truth about fats and their role in our health.

Traditional Wisdom Meets Modern Science:

Explore the nutritional practices of ancient cultures and see how they align with today's scientific findings.

Practical Tips & Recipes:

Learn how to seamlessly integrate healthy fats into your daily meals with delicious recipes and easy-to-follow guidelines.


The Inner Compass:  Charting Emotions,Beliefs, Feelings and The Science of HRV

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

Deep Dive into Emotions & Beliefs:

Understand the intricate web of emotions, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts, and how they shape your reality.

Neuroscience & HRV:

Dive into the science behind emotions and thoughts, and discover how HRV is a window to your nervous system, offering insights beyond just physical health.

The Law of Reflection & Polarity:

Uncover powerful universal laws that can transform the way you perceive and interact with the world around you.

Presence & Reflection:

Learn how to harness the power of presence and self-awareness to navigate life's challenges with grace and clarity.

Practical Techniques & Exercises:

From enhancing presence to tuning into your inner guidance, get hands-on with exercises that bring theory into practice.


Optimizing Performance:  Harnessing HRV, Ketones and The Flow State

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

Techniques to balance your autonomic nervous system through HRV tracking.

The science behind a ketogenic lifestyle for sustained energy and mental focus.

Mastering Mindfulness Practices for Stress Resilience and Mental Clarity.

Strategies to enter the elusive flow state for optimal productivity and creativity.

Practical Tips to Cultivate Peak Performance Habits for Sustainable Success.


Reversing Insulin Resistance Naturally:   A Holistic Approach With HRV Tracking, Fasting & Low Carb Protocols

Why This Book is a Must-Have:

Holistic Wellness

Explore a holistic approach to health that combines HRV tracking, fasting strategies, and low-carb protocols to naturally reverse insulin resistance and boost your overall well-being.

Scientific Insights:

Dive into the latest scientific research on insulin resistance, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Real-Life Success Stories:

Gain inspiration from individuals who have successfully reversed insulin resistance and improved their health using these techniques.

Practical Guidance:

Receive practical tips and actionable steps to implement these natural methods into your daily life, helping you achieve lasting results.

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow

"I had reached a point in my life where I was constantly feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically. However, this program has been nothing short of life-changing for me. With Wilson's guidance, I learned to tailor my diet based on my HRV readings and the results have been astounding. I've seen a significant improvement in my mood and energy levels. I now wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day, rather than dreading the moment my alarm goes off. The course was not just about nutritional change; it was a total lifestyle transformation!" -

Sarah (45) Embracing a New Lease on Life

"I've always been passionate about fitness, but something always seemed to hold me back from achieving my peak performance. Then, I discovered Wilson's HRV-based nutrition program. It's been a revelation, helping me unlock levels of energy and performance I didn't even know I could reach. Not to mention, my mental clarity and focus have improved dramatically. This course is a must for anyone serious about optimising their health and performance." - 

Oliver (35) Unlocking the Peak Performance

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Breathing in Flow
Breathing in Flow


Heart Rate Variability and Cardiac Vagal Tone in Psychophysiological Research – Recommendations for Experiment Planning, Data Analysis, and Data Reporting. This Frontiers in Psychology article provides a comprehensive understanding of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in psychophysiological research, including the way it can be used to interpret stress responses.


The Impact of Psychological Stress on Wound Healing: Methods and Mechanisms. Published in Immunology and Allergy Clinics of North America, this study provides a good reference for understanding how psychological stress can negatively impact health.


Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome. This Nature article explains how diet can quickly and significantly alter the gut microbiome, impacting overall health.


Diet quality and depression risk: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis of prospective studies. This study found that a higher quality diet can lower the risk of depression.


Effects of stress on heart rate complexity—A comparison between short-term and chronic stress. Published in Biological Psychology, this research highlights the effects of stress on heart rate variability.


Ketogenic diet in neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases. This research shows how a ketogenic diet may be beneficial in treating certain neurological disorders, potentially improving mental function.


Effects of beta-hydroxybutyrate on cognition in memory-impaired adults. This study suggests that a ketogenic diet, which increases the level of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the body, could improve cognition in individuals with memory impairments.

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