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C Wilson Meloncelli - Flow State Performance Coach. An International trainer of professional athletes, ex British Champion in MMA and an Author.

Martial Art instructor in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, Muay Thai and a Purple belt in Brazilian Jujitsu.

Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy and Ireca Energy Practitioner..

And has been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli

Significant experience includes:

Skills in Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, Clinical Posture etc.

Wilson is also a trained stunt performer with skills in Gymnastics, Tramploining, Rock Climbing, Horse Riding and setting himself on fire!​

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli
Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli

A Short Flow Story On How I Got To Teach Flow

I started my Flow journey when I was around 5 years old. My uncle was a Martial Arts Master who taught with the emphasis on the inner warrior required as Martial Artist.

He demanded focus, but yet transmitted it in a playful way.

When he taught me, he would create situations that would put me onto a subconscious and highly focused state.

I was relaxed but fully engaged in the movement he was teaching at the time.

Unbeknown to me at that time, He creatively produced triggers to hack me into Flow.

When my Uncle finally moved on. He left me with a strong taste for the Flow State. But getting into Flow back then wasn’t as easy for me as it is Now.

Over my early years, this contact with the FLOW flickered on and off.

Once when skateboarding, I attempted my first drop-in on a quarter pipe! (AKA a skateboard ramp.)

Now just to be clear I only knew a few basic moves.

For instance, I could do a pretty good Ollie. That’s about it! But at that age I thought I was awesome!

So I dropped in and then everything went in ssssslllloooowwwww motion

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli

I saw my board flying away in front of me, as my body glided into a horizontal position in mid air!

Now, you would probably think “panic stations!!!”

But I didn’t!

I was completely dissolved in the action, relaxed, calm and attentive. I felt that I had all the time I needed to land safely. And I did!

Ok, yes but without the skateboard as it was heading straight for the shins on my friend! ;))

But I tasted that ‘state of being’ again!!

At the time, I was unaware that I was experiencing a Transient Hypofrontality.

Very Cool Right!

Can you now see my hunger to learn more?

However, this state of flow, once again become elusive to me. I knew it was there I just couldn’t hack into it!

As I grew up, I picked up social habits and programming that only now I realized were taking me further away from the truth.

Following these beliefs created frustration, anxiety and tension as I sensed it was taking me further away from Flow.

It was as if a dark grey cloud was blocking me from experiencing Flow on command.

Then in the late 90’s, I moved to England to train with a Martial Arts teacher that inspired and sensed my potential.

He trained me very hard creating some brutal sessions.

He would put me in the ring with ex world kickboxing champions, guys weighing in from 244Ib – 280lb! (I was 168).

High risk of danger was at every training session!

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli

However, one day my teacher lined up 4 guys that each had 3mins in the ring with me. My job was to not get hit AND not to hit!!

“What!!” I said.

He reply calmly “You heard me”.

As the 1st bell rang, it happened again. I was in what jazz players call “the pocket” Sprinters call the “Zone” And what I call “The Flow State”.

15 rounds later,

Yes, 15 rounds later, 4 guys walked away physical drained and frustrated!

Back then I was unaware of the breakthroughs achieved in neurobiology research.

I was in what some researchers are calling


I had hit “the sweet spot” again, where my brain waves were in the bridge between Alpha, Theta waves. 8 cycles per second.

All my movements were effortless…​

Slipped again! Back to searching and searching, but unknowing that the harder I looked I created a thicker cloud of frustration, anxiety as if I was in a LOOP of Struggle.

Struggling to find flow. Getting more and more anxious.

I was picking up more bullshit from others who told me they knew the way.

It was like the blind leading the blind!

No man, “don’t relax, fight through the pain and find flow”

Or you get those people that say one thing, but do the complete opposite themselves!!​

Confusion, frustration, anger was my state as I hunted for the illusive Flow State.


I became like everyone else,

I fell asleep and started to work around like a Zombie.

I was 24, my LIFE at a standstill and I was around a lot of the wrong crowd of people.

A lot of drugs and partying, all those things but, what really made me HIT rock bottom was my Dad dying.

On top of this I was in the LOOP of struggle, flooding my system with EXCESS CORTISOL,which was altering my immune system, suppressing my digestive system.

This number 1 stress hormone was also in communication with the region of our brain that control, moods, motivation and FEAR.

Not a good combination when you are training

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli

to be a STUNTMAN and competing in Mixed Martial Arts!!

So as you can imagine, this sent me in a real dark place where I was really close, to not come out the other end!

By Chance or God or whatever you want to think, around at this time I came across this older Italian wise man and thankfully he took me under his wing and guided me back on track.

It was a hard road but during this time his training triggered a memory of some ancient teachings my uncle had also shared with me.

And with my teachers influence I figured out this system to hack into Flow.

And in time, I figured out how to do it whenever I WANTED.

​Now I teach others to find their flow with tools to physically, mentally and emotionally hack into the Flow State. 

Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli, flow state the chain members
Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli, flow state the chain members
Flow State Athletic Trainer, c wilson meloncelli, flow state the chain members

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