"If you are looking for another level of meditation, to benefit your life in any regard, trust me when I tell ya, Wilson is your man."

Jon Anderson

Professional Wrestler -  IFBB professional body builder - Rank in The top 10 Worlds Strongest Man

Jon Andersen

Professional Wrestler - IFBB professional body builder - Rank in The top 10 Worlds Strongest Man

"Its how I became the course record holder at the oldest golf course in the world."

Chris Abbott

Scratch Golfer & Course Record Holder at the Old Course​

Chris Abbott

Scratch Golfer & Course Record Holder at the Old Course

"All the principles of FLOW are just fantastic for me because if I go out and I'm a little bit tight or a little bit sore from a previous workout, then I can re-align myself. I can work on my breath, work on my posture and that gets me into a great state ready to enhance my workout. For me, the whole method behind FLOW is just outstanding”

Craig Ali

Adventure Sports Coach, Total Health UK

"I was skeptical at first so I came out to Scotland, I sat down with Wilson, I heard his techniques, I saw him do the movements and it made total sense to me. What Wilson is doing is actually revolutionary. It’s something that will change your mind and change your ideas and it will come out in your exercise and your everyday life."

Jacob Hiller

Pro Basketball Coach, Jumpmanual.com

"I've taken 1.5 secs off my best time. I'm now skiing better than I have done my whole life."

Guiseppe Gaimari

Giant Slalom Competitor

"It’s not every day a world class athlete knocks on your door and offers to take you under their wing and reveal their secret formula to you. The benefits of The Super Human Code are real and proven."

Jay Jordan

Coach, Podcast Hosting, Fitness Mavericks, Inc

"I have added a few short exercises and cut my training time nearly in HALF. I never would have believed the improvements. I am more rested more focused and have eliminated the overtraining injuries. The Super Human Code has breathed a second wind into my athletic career”

Mike Christopherson

Business Owner, Polo Player

"The highly trained pro level athletes I deal with we are constantly battling the law of diminishing returns to shave off a few milliseconds here or a quarter inch there. We use The SuperHuman Code To maximize mental function and see consistent even drastic improvements in performance. We see activation of the parasympathetic nervous system improving immune system and lowering stress, which is directly improving energy, hormones and even Gut function….I’ve never seen anything like this in the lab. The Superhuman Code is a must have tool to not only keep up with sports performance advances in 2015 but to get a significant edge."

Stephen Duncan

Nutrition & Lab Testing Specialist , Balanced Fitness Edinbrugh

"thank you my friend there are no words literally for the pure value of what you do for us all ...you are awesome "

Joel Craddock

United States

Joel Craddock

United States