COMMIsSON & funnels



Check out  our STRONG converting Flow State Mindset Products. The minset for Optimal Performance for any Skill, Sport or Profession.

We are getting a 5.6% - 9.8% Sales Conversion Rate.  EPC average $1.9

Earn as much as 75% Commission on your initial referred sales.

Front end 75% on $47  - Upsell 75% on $147 - 50% Upsell $97 recurring - 50% Downsell  $10 recurring. Total Potential earning per referral $194

We are constantly testing and improving our system and in doing so have seen an strong increase in our conversions each quarter. We are currently converting sales between 5.6% - 9.8%. (depending on market) Your feedback on strengthening our conversions are encouraged, so please feel free to drop us a line.


Funnel 1

Main Funnel: Our front end product offers a 75% with a further 75% on our 1st upsell and 50% on our recurrings. Here you can send traffic direct to either VSL or Letter, both landers trigger this converting machine. 

Funnel 2

Sending traffic to our free courses will trigger our $1 trail of the $10 recurring. The flow leads to our $99 recurring. You can have a selection of squeeze pages to choose from conveting at 41%-64%. Once inside the funnel you are cookied by Clickbank for 60days. This is a great option for an affiliate without a list. 

Keep in the Flow with New Product Launches and New Sales Material.

We want to let you know if we conduct changes for the affiliates through email newsletter.