experience and learn for yourself this ancient energy
experience and learn for yourself this ancient energy

By Learning the Art of IRECA, you will:

  • Learn how to maintain and strengthen your energy balance.
  • Learn to distribute energy in the whole body
  • Learn to be Helpful towards States of Distress and Illness 
  • Learn how to transmit Energy at a distance through of Intention
  • And You Will learn how to harmonise the Cellular memory, Stress Reduction and Assist the release from traumatic memories

By Practicing the Art of IRECA, you will:

  • Regain Physical Stamina
  • Develop the tools to Deal with Stress
  • Improve your Focus and Concentration
  • Become more Resistant to Illnesses
  • Increase your Emotional and Mental Well-Being
  • RefineYour State of Deep Presence  
  • Learn to Use Correct Intention 

How Does IRECA Work?

The human organism interacts, as all living forms do, with that inextinguishable energy source that is the universe. In all of the ancient traditions, attention has been given to the Energy Centres located within the body.

The centres are being seen as receptors and transmitters of this energy (the Chinese call it ‘Chi’, in India, ‘Prana’), influencing the state of health of their corresponding organs, and consequently, the individual’s health. Our fast pace lifestyle, stress, environmental toxins and other factors, threaten the healthy function of these Energy Centres. Subsequently, an Energy Centre imbalance is experienced and can be visibly demonstrated through varying degrees of physical illness and emotional upset.

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The IRECA Method

The I.R.E.C.A. Method (developed by the Institute for Research on Applied Cosmic Energy, based in Italy) is a simple effective technique used to balance the Energy Centers (EC's). When in balance, the EC's are able to bring our human organism into equilibrium, leading to optimal health and wellbeing.

Practicing IRECA involves learning to use intention and attention (‘presence’), with an attitude of non-interference to facilitate energetic changes in the mind-body, typically for therapeutic and/or performance enhancement purposes.

To this end, it employs the familiar operational framework of ‘energy centres’ and ‘energy transmission’, common to many other traditional systems and techniques; the primary function of which is instrumental, however, not explanatory (the question of the sense in which these constructs ‘really exist’ considered unimportant for practical purposes).

The Treatment 

An IRECA energy application lasts only a few minutes.The practitioner uses the Energy Centres to channel energy, helping the body to return to its natural state of balance. Upon receiving an energy application, and as the treatments progress, one may experience improved vitality, mental clarity, calm, and a reduction of stress. The technique is an effective complement to conventional medical treatments.

The Science 

Albert Einstein

When young Einstein decided to occupy himself with Physics, he was asked whether this would not be boring, "since everything about the physical world was already known."

Nikola Tesla

The day Science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

The Research 

Research was undertaken by Pike, C., Vernon, D. & Hald, L. in 2014. The specific aim of the study,  which is fully published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, was to test the hypothesis that IRECA induces activation of the left-frontal cerebral cortex. 

Left-frontal activation is known to be associated with a wide range of health-related factors including:

  • Positive emotions
  • Increased vitality
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Resilience to stress
  • Openness to new experiences
  • And General Well-Being.

Conversely, Right-frontal activation is known to be associated with:

  • Negative emotion
  • Loss of energy
  • Stress and withdrawal.
  • Depression
  • Lower immune system function
  • Poor Well-Being

This relationship underlies the clinical use of magnetic fields for inducing or inhibiting left-frontal and right-frontal activation of the brain, respectively in treatments for depression.

Previous research has shown left-frontal activation of the brain to occur with mindfulness meditation. As both IRECA and mindfulness meditation involve the cultivation of intention, attention and an attitude of non-interference in the practitioner, and most people taking part in mindfulness meditation research are meditating with an intention to improve their health, most often stress reduction, it seems likely that similar processes may be involved.

Previous studies of so-called 'energy medicine', including practices such as Reiki, Johrei, and Qigong, have reported physiological changes compatible with left-frontal activation of the brain. These include decreases in heart-rate and blood pressure, improved immune system functioning, increased vitality and positivity, and anxiety reduction.

To test whether IRECA induces left-frontal activation of the brain, the researchers carried out an experiment, comparing the frontal brain activity of 21 participants following a mild stress-induction memory task, while receiving EITHER genuine IRECA, sham IRECA2, or no-treatment.

 In the genuine IRECA condition, the practitioner treated centres C7, C7 + C6, C5 and C4, in the same order and for approximately the same time for all participants.

 In the sham IRECA condition, the practitioner outwardly did the same as in the genuine IRECA condition, but inwardly had no intention to assist recovery, and had their attention distracted by means of a mental arithmetic task.

 In the no treatment condition, the participant simply sat still for 5 minutes.

None of the participants or research assistants knew whether participants were receiving genuine IRECA or not, and no communication took place between anyone, including the person giving IRECA, either before or during treatment.

Brain activity was measured using EEG (electroencephalogram) recordings of cortical electrical activity in the alpha frequency range (7.5 - 12.5 Hz), in left and right frontal areas of the brain. They were then converted into a single numerical measure of asymmetric activation known as the Alpha.

As predicted, participants receiving genuine IRECA showed significant left-frontal activation of the brain during the early phase of treatment, while those receiving sham IRECA and no-treatment showed right-frontal activation instead. This suggests IRECA induced a pattern of brain activity known to be associated with positivity and health, that offset the negative effects of stress seen in the other two groups. However, asymmetric activation also tended to reduce in all three groups during the mid-phase of treatment, and then revert to right-frontal activation during the final phase. This raises the question of why the IRECA effect seen in the early phase of treatment was apparently short-lived. The researchers suggest this may reflect constraints on treatment imposed by the experimental protocol, which for purposes of standardisation required the practitioner to treat specific centres in a specific order for similar periods of time; rather than be led purely by intrinsic feedback from the participant (the so-called 'return of energy'). As such, a degree of mismatch may have occurred between participants' needs and the nature of the treatment given as the experiment progressed.

Participants receiving genuine IRECA also rated themselves significantly less stressed after treatment, than participants receiving sham treatment, and while both groups reported reduced stress, only the IRECA group reported stress levels significantly lower than at baseline.

In summary, the study provides initial supporting evidence for an effect of IRECA treatment on human neurophysiology. However, the researchers caution that this was a small preliminary study and that the findings need replicating with a larger sample. Future research should also attempt to disentangle the relationship between centres treated, type of stress, and treatment effect. The study suggests that left-frontal activation of the brain may be a promising physiological indicator of general treatment effect, but whether that effect occurs or not is likely to depend upon the intentional match between specific centres treated and the nature of the underlying imbalance.

C Wilson Meloncelli

IRECA is the most powerful tool I use with my clients, alone with practising myself, and with only 5 minutes of treatment! That's correct, only 5 minutes, my clients report a different shift of state of being. I highly recommend learning IRECA for your family, friends, clients and yourself. 

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The Course

This course is designed for those who desire to help themselves, and others, to improve their health and wellbeing: therapists, physicians, parents, students, professionals in any field and everyday men and woman will benefit from attaining this skill. 

The practical workshops will teach you how to use the body’s energy centres to promote health and well-being.  Each course will guide you through simple exercises that consist of techniques for receiving and transmitting Energy related to healing. The same exercises work to produce a gradual opening of the energy centres in each person, eliminating the blockage that impedes harmonious functioning and psycho-physical well-being.

​Level 1. In this level you will learn:

  • The Localisation and Function of each Energy Centre
  • The organs and systems associated with each Energy Centre
  • The basic Energy Transmission technique
  • Energy contact exercises used to balance the Energy Centres

​Level 2. In this level you will learn:

  • How to maintain your energy balance
  • Energy applications for various disorders
  • How to treat others in addition to yourself 
  • The Correct Use of Intention 

​Level 3. It will allow you to address more significant issues. You will learn:

  • To distubute Energy throughout the whole body, using the natural blood Flow
  • To perceive the energetic state of ourselves and of others 
  • How to use breath for Transmitting Energy 
  • A large variety of techniques for being helpful and of aid towards all Pathogens of heavy distress and diseases
  • Psychodynamic and existential aspects of the Energy Centres

​Level 4. In this level you will learn: 

  • How to transmit Energy at a distance.

​Level 5. In this level you will learn: 

  • How to Harmonise the Cellular memory and Assist the release from limiting aspects of traumatic memories
  • The Importance for the correct use of Attention and techniques on how to achieve it

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I suspend taking medications while I am receiving IRECA energy treatments?

Absolutely not. The IRECA method is not a substitute for medications prescribed and supervised by a doctor. Rather, the energy treatments are complementary aid to medications.

How long does it take to see the results of the energy treatments?

This varies from person to person. In some cases a remarkable improvement is obtained starting from the first application. In other cases, longer treatments might be required to obtain results.

Does the IRECA technique go against any religious belief?

No. The only purpose of the method is therapeutic, and has nothing to do with beliefs of any kind or religion.

Can you charge for giving energy treatments?

No, because the Cosmic Energy doesn't belong to anyone.

How can the transmission of Cosmic Energy or the IRECA method be useful in the treatment of illnesses?

The IRECA method is based on the notion that the body has a self-regulating capacity. When this ability is weakened or lost, the Energy Centres also lose their ability to receive cosmic energy. This is when disease can appear, due to the reduced amount of energy available to the body. In turn, the self-regulating capacity of the body also deteriorates, thus making the body unable to respond efficiently to the disease. If, however, energy is delivered to the organism, it will diffuse through the body in an intelligent way, thus allowing the body to recover its self-regulating capacity.

What makes the IRECA method different from other energy techniques such as acupuncture, Bach flowers, Reiki, Chi Kung, the use of quartzes, etc.?

This method consists of a practical and simple technique that only requires 5 minutes treatment. The person that uses it becomes his or her own instrument to channel energy, hence no additional tools are required. The person that uses the IRECA technique doesn't use his or her own energy because he/she simply becomes a channel of Cosmic Energy. You don’t pay for the sessions of transmission of Energy. It acts directly on the Energy Centres, not in their manifestations. Learning how to apply this technique takes little time. No special place is needed to apply the technique, any place is suitable to do energy treatment through the IRECA method.

Can the IRECA technique cure anything?

The IRECA method doesn't seek to cure, rather it is a tool to help the organism to recover from illness. As such, the IRECA technique is complementary to any medical treatment.

How can one prove the effectiveness of the IRECA Method?

The effectiveness of the method has been proven through a vast case history accumulated in various IRECA centers, where patients report the effects of the technique as an improvement in the symptoms of illnesses, increase of vitality and in the recovery process.

Does the IRECA method work through suggestion, or as a placebo?

No. The IRECA method is objective, scientific and doesn't require suggestion, although a positive and open attitude is always very useful.

Plus bonus extra courses, tips & content sent to you regularly for free.