First, Sign Up for a Autoresponder Program

Building a list is one of the best ways to maintain a steady online income, so get signed up today. I personally use Mailchimp.

Then, Decide What You Will Give Away

People will not give their email address freely. You’ve got to offer something valuable to get their emails. The Free Courses / Lead Generators on the previous page are perfect for this. You can use this url for that. 

Membership Option:​


1. Initial Message – Introduce Yourself.

Thank your subscriber for signing up, introduce yourself and remind them of the BENEFITS you will be offering. Really reinforce the product by saying what’s in it for them!

2. Follow Up Message #1 – Write A Review

Put together a mini review for this one.

Take advantage of being a third-party recommendation. People love to hear others. And to be honest, your influence on a buyer probably has more influence than mine!

Let the reader know you were just like them searching for helpful information and have finally found the solution to their problem be honest.

Tell them your story and why you decided to promote this product instead of all the others they could choose from. Your goal is to establish trust and credibility in this first email.

Simply state what you learned from the ebook or actual results on the program. Again, be honest. Don’t be afraid to saying something you didn’t like. This will build more credibility.

3. Follow Up Message #2 – Reinforce Benefits to Persuade Prospects

Write about the major benefits for them. Put the benefits in a bullet list. What will the product do for them? How will they enjoy it? How will they get results? Get them emotionally pumped up!

Remind your prospect to take advantage of the benefits of my website before it’s too late. Your aim is to create some urgency and excitement by letting them know the price is increasing or that I am taking away some of the bonus gifts in the next few days. Feel free to email me for some ideas so that your message is actually consistent with my offers.

4. Follow Up Message #3 – Remind Them Of The Bonuses

Write bonus items in the mail. You would be surprised of how many people order the product to simply get access to the Superhuman Code, Elite Flow Program, Flow Quick Guide or the Flow State Tutorials.

5. Follow Up Message #4 – Compare My Program With Others

The majority of your prospects will make their buying decisions emotionally and justify them logically. What this means, is that despite your product being very appealing, they might not want to make a impulse decision.

Talk about some of the other programs and options they can choose from online and why you feel this is their best option.

6. Follow Up Message 5–Boost Desire and Belief With Success Stories

The reality is that your prospect will trust you far more when you give real world examples of other people who have gained results from my program.

Success stories, endorsements and testimonials are fantastic ways of establishing belief and value because they have nothing to gain by simply telling their story and results.

Here’s a bunch of success stories from users of this program:

7. Follow Up Message 6 – Demand Action

The final step of your sequence is what makes or breaks the sale. Since nobody likes to make a decision, especially when it comes to money, you have to help them make a decision. You must make it crystal clear what your offering and how it will benefit them.

Remind them of the consequences of not taking action, such as:

  • Being anxious and disappointed with their sports performance
  • Being too distracted with the surroundings and having difficulty on focusing to the task
  • Not being able to achieve the Flow State

… and what they will miss out on if they don’t start today.

Make it absolutely clear what to do next, even if it’s just a CLICK HERE to order link.

8. Stay In Contact With Broadcasts

Even though the follow-up sequence is complete, your prospects are still very valuable to you. I would send out a update every 2 or 4 weeks to let them know about new updates, free content or promotions.

Want Your Own Autoresponder Series?

I strongly recommend you brand yourself instead of disguising yourself as me. People buy from people they can relate to and bond with. Here is how to write your own autoresponder series:

1. Opt into my Affiliates newsletter.

2. Each day when you get a new email from me, re write around yourself. Use my template but write as YOURSELF. There is nothing more powerful than hearing from a human being they can relate to.

3. Build your autoresponders out to 50-100 days worth of content.

4. Start with 3 emails a week for a month then 2 emails a week for a month then 1 email a week for a month and never mail less than 1 time a week.

5. Include personality and storytelling in your emails and avoid boring content which will lead to fast unsubscribe.