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Subject: 5mins trick will boost your skills by 300% +


Sound’s crazy….5mins will boost your skills?

I really thought so too [NAME]

When I was first introduced to this ancient breathing practise I was super sceptical. However, thanks to my teacher’s guidance I never listen to that part that was sceptical.

Instead, I connected to flow and it all began to flow into place.

After training it myself for years… and working with pro athletes adapting the practise to our modern times we have achieved some breath-taking results.

Learn for yourself how this forgotten breathing practise has catapulted skills, sport and profession with only 5 mins. a day..

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Option 1 Subject: This 60secs text will help you flow

Option 2 Subject: Do you need to read this?

Preview text: Take this 60-second test to find out...

This simple breathing test which originated from buteyko breathing and is now being taught to patients all around the world to cure a variety of breathing conditions.  

And now, the core of this 1950’s discovery by Konstantin Buteyko is also being taught to pro athletes to give them an O2 advantage over competition

Intriguing isn’t it?

Ok… on to the test.


All you got to do is set your stopwatch for 60 secs and count the number of breaths you take.

DON’T READ ANYMORE of this email until you do the test. (I see you! Don’t look past this line)




Dr Buteyko found, through his years of Russian backed research that injured people’s breathing ventilation rates was much higher than the “normal breathing”  

Your target is between 3-7 breaths per minute.

Ok... don’t freak out if your breathing number is high.

Buteyko’s work cured many illness by simple retraining the patient into a normal consistent breathing rate.


" [YOUR NAME]… I don’t have a problem with my breathing."


90% of the population say the same, however the studies report otherwise.


"[YOUR NAME]… I’m in this for the performance boost, man."


If you can lower your minute ventilation rate you will catapult your recovery rate... opening you up to a consistent 300% - 500% performance boost in your skill, sport or profession.


Read more on how this breathing technique can help your recovery while boosting your performance….









Subject: 90% fall victim to this suffocating habit


[NAME] could you by one of the 90%?

A scientific study in 2004 on hyperventilation syndrome reported the danger of deep breathing. And this study has been further reinforced over the years.

Bottom line...

“More breathing means less oxygen in the body cells.”

Let me explain these statements, as I hear you – yes, this does sound contradictory to all you’ve been taught before.

Hypocapnia results in your blood vessels constricting, which then leads to a decreased flow of blood to all vital organs.

Hypocapnia = CO2 deficiency. AND this happens through OVER-BREATHING.

CO2 deficiency causes:

Low testosterone

Restricted blood vessel


Performance anxiety


Sleep problems


Poor oxygen saturation

Respiratory problems

Chronic diseases

Muscular weakness

Poor endurance

And way more…

90% of people suffer from poor performance due to overbreathing! Crazy but true.

In this detailed report I will explain more on how to breath correctly in flow... boosting your performance and capitulating your step towards your goals.


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Subject: testosterone twist from liar Lance Armstrong


Hey  [NAME]


So there's a movie on Netflix called Stop At Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story...


It's a bit twisted...


(actually... it's really twisted).


...and if you like documentaries you gotta check it out. But that's neither here nor there. See...


In the doc Lance Armstrong lists off a bunch of performance enhancing drugs he took to win the Tour De France seven times...


Of course, he eventually got caught and lost it all (as he should)...




Among the list of PEDs were testosterone and EPO.


Both of which are produced naturally in our body... (unless you go the route of Liar Lance)

...most of us know the benefits of testosterone.

Yet EPO, not so much. So to break it down...

EPO matures your red blood cells... increasing oxygen delivery to enhance muscular and cardiovascular performance.

Leading to better workouts. More muscle growth. Extra endurance. Morning wood. And so much more...

And here's why I mention this...

You can boost your natural testosterone and EPO production using one specific ancient breathing technique...

That will turbocharge your manhood and performance...

Sure... you may not win a Tour De France like Liar Lance Armstrong...

But applying this breathing method will result in...


- 300%-500% boost in performance

- higher T levels

- 24% more natural EPO

- lowered fatigue and anxiety

- improved sleep

- plus a lot more...  


And today you can learn about it from one of the top breathing experts in the world...


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Subject: How breathing hacks you into flow



There is an area of your nervous system called the autonomic nervous system which, largely unconsciously, regulates many of your body's functions, including your digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, sexual arousal and heart rate.

You have two branches of your autonomic nervous system

The sympathetic  (fight or flight)

The parasympathetic (rest and digest).

The sympathetic turns the volume up on your organs and glands while the parasympathetic lowers the volume.

Using a method of measuring your sympathetic and parasympathetic called heart rate variability (HRV),

Scientists have discovered that when you’re in a peak performance state, there is a consistent push and pull between your sympathetic and parasympathetic.

In the flow state, your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are in a progressive coherence.

And your main control system for your autonomic nervous system is… breath control.

[NAME] in the article I go into more detail on an ancient breathing practise that will catapult your into the flow state

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Subject Option 1: Need more time in the bedroom?

Subject option 2: [1 EXERCISE] will give hours in the bedroom

A low sex drive is more common in society than most are aware off.

“I just don’t feel like it”

“I can’t tonight”

“I’m too tired”

Well, in general this is caused by an imbalance of testosterone. Men and women with low testosterone suffer from low sex drive.

BUT, there is a simple 5 mins breathing exercise you can stimulate nasal nitric oxide, which in turns encourages the natural production of testosterone, which you guessed it: Boosts your sex drive.

It’s crazy how easy this forgotten breathing technique is to appeal.

Read this detailed presentation on the science of breathing in flow and how to you can boost your sex drive.








Subject: The Dynamite Of Performance.


Hey  [NAME]

Did you know that nitroglycerine became the dynamite for your recovery and accessing your optimal performance (the flow state) at will?

For more than 130 years, doctors were prescribing nitroglycerine for chest pain relief without knowledge of why it worked so well!

I’m sure you know, but nitroglycerine is best known for making things go BOOM!

At the time, scientists didn’t know that the nitroglycerine molecule was generating nitric oxide, and it was the nitric oxide that was dilating the blood vessels and supplying oxygen-rich blood to nourish the heart and relieve pain.

In the 1980s, nitric oxide was considered a toxic substance, causing smog.

So when the first article appeared discussing the importance of nitric oxide in the body, the scientific community found it difficult to conceive that a gas so toxic outside of the body played such an important role inside the body.

12 years later… nitric oxide was proclaimed molecule of the year by the journal “Science”

So what does it do for [NAME] ?

There are 100,000 miles of blood circulation going on throughout your body. Nitric oxide is the daddy of blood circulation functions.

It is a powerful vasodilator, which means it opens your blood vessels, increasing blood flow and countering the constriction of your vessels caused by a CO2 deficiency.

Nitric oxide has been shown to be important in:

Helping memory and behaviour by transmitting information between nerve cells in the brain

Assisting the immune system in fighting off bacteria and defending against tumours

Regulating blood pressure by dilating arteries

Reducing inflammation

Boost testosterone levels

Improving sleep quality

Increasing your recognition of scent (i.e. smell)

Increasing endurance and strength

Assisting in gastric motility

So how do can you produce more Nitric Oxide?


The answer is super simple....




P.s naturally without supplement produce more nitric oxide..