DeActivate to Activate
WHY become Subconscious? Shut down The Conscious Mind, save energy and become 5 times more EFFECTIVE!
Our brain is 2% of our mass, but it uses 20% of our energy.
We were brought up to believe that we use only 10% of our brain at full capacity. SO, if we want to perform at our Optimal Level, we need to use a larger % of the brain.
Right? Well No.
Due to the evolution in neurobiology research, it is showing that the opposite occurs. .

CONSCIOUS processing of information very SLOWLY and requires a large amount of energy.

SUBCONSCIOUS processing is almost the complete opposite. Very FAST and requires VERY little Energy.

During research of our Optimal Performance state called the Flow State.
The research has shown the large parts of the brain shut down. The technical term is called
Transient (temporary) Hypofrontality.
‘A decrease of the neuronal activity of various areas of the frontal lobs’.
Hypo is the opposite of Hyper. So Hypo, slowing down. And frontality refers to the prefrontal cortex, the front of your brain.
So in Flow we are trading conscious processing for subconscious processing.
The brain deactivates to become more efficient!

We become more subconscious in our actions!

We become faster!

We become more effective!

We become more energy effective!

We become more SUPERHUMAN!

This knowledge of the prefrontal cortex deactivating give us an understanding of why in the ‘Flow State’ we report a sense of TIME SLOWS DOWN.

We have found that time is calculated throughout the brain especially the prefrontal cortex of the brain.
SO as we perform in Flow and we become more subconscious in our actions, we blur out our perception of past and future. And in doing so we are pulled deeper into what researchers are now calling ‘The Deep NOW’.
Another reported side effect of being in the Flow State is self-consciousness disappears.
Why because our Dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex shuts down.
This is our Self-monitoring zone.
In FLOW it shuts down. We stop being so critical